NormaNorma Palumbo is a compassionate sensitive person by nature with a natural inborn ability to communicate with people.

Norma professionally trained as a hairstylist and worked in the industry for thirty-nine years. She founded Look Hair Studio in 1988 and has inspired many young people starting out in the industry both professionally and artistically.

Throughout the years Norma developed many deep relationships with her clientele. Through her ability to create a safe, confidential and supportive atmosphere, many clients were able to share intimate details of their lives. Norma provided undivided attention, listening with an open heart, always providing encouragement and guidance to assist in the restoration of every individual soul.

Norma’s skills as a great listener, comforter and life guide, blended with her eye for seeing beyond what was being expressed by her client through a mirror brought her a great desire to pursue restorative health full time .

Norma did an internship with Bob Dyer and graduated with a music care certificate from Room 217.

Norma is extremely intuitive and has always had a passion for connecting with people; she inspires open communication usually leading to unveiling ones truth. Norma has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and to hear what is not being expressed. She can successfully see a person’s whole life picture and in turn assist with positive life strategies that allow people to piece together a curative way to transform their lives to restorative emotional well being and restorative health.